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The Team Friends® Logo

Team Friends®, are we really a Team, and are we really Friends?  The answer is yes to all, and our Logo brings this to life!  Let us explain:

First - Starting from the top...the circle, represents a spirit on oneness.  ”Friends love at all times”, this verse – this thought – has been around for thousands of years, and if there has ever been a group that was formed to “show love at all times”...it’s Team Friends®!  A special bond forms between the members, how could it not!, will all the laughter, experiences, activities, learning, caring and sharing that takes place at and between events.  

Second - A team is comprised of Coaches and Players acting together to achieve a common goal.   The “two hands” in the logo represent the Coaches, the Parents, Family Members, Friends and Peers.  So the Coaches - the Hands...they curve out representing support, holding up, and creating an environment for the butterflies to flourish.

Third - And of course any team needs Players; Butterflies, the ones that are going out doing the work of touching lives and creating the life changing events.  But why Butterflies?  

Edward Lorenz, a professor and meteorologist at MIT in the 1960’s and 70’s is the father of the scientific theory called the “Butterfly Effect” and published his theory in 1972.  The Butterfly Effect is a theory that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.  The Butterfly Effect refers to the idea that a butterfly's wings create tiny changes in the atmosphere that may ultimately alter the path of a tornado or delay, accelerate or even prevent the occurrence of a tornado in another location.  The flapping wing represents a small change in the initial condition, which can cause a chain of events leading to large-scale event.  Had the butterfly not flapped its wings, the trajectory of the system might have been vastly different—it's possible that the tornado would have never formed without the butterfly flapping its wings.

Team Friends is furthering the metamorphosis process in the Players lives by creating philanthropic opportunities and learning activities in their community, integrated with their parents, famliy members, freinds and typical peers. 

– The Team Friends® motto, Caring and Sharing Life Together.  The process of metamorphosis in the life of a Butterfly is transforming.  Teams Friends® will continue to transform their lives together as they are “Caring” for the lives of the world around them, while “Sharing Life Together” during and between monthly events.

Having an IMPACT...that’s Team Friends®!

The IMPACT acronym is a part of every Team Friends® event.   Each letter represents a core belief that creates the vision and solid foundation that sets Team Friends® apart. 

The Team Friends® Head Coach in your area will coordinate and assure the following is part of your event.

Fun Fest

Fun Fest

McCabe Farm

McCabe Farm

Marta Fox Home - parent

Marta Fox Home - parent

  • Inclusion - All, Caring and Sharing life together as one, never to be underestimated.
  • Meal - The breaking of bread, a time for fellowship and fun begins each event.
  • Philanthropic - Not looking inwardly, but outwardly, giving back, meeting the needs of others.
  • Activity - Together, laughing, enjoying life with the event always including either a philanthropic or teaching activity.  
  • Caring - It comes so naturally, love and compassion for others and between members.  
  • Teaching - Coaches and players working toghter to accmposh a comone task.  


Fun Fest

Fun Fest

One Year Anniversary

One Year Anniversary

Who comes to a Team Friends® event? – It begins with a human service agency in your area

Human Service agencies who have Habitation Aides providing services to persons with ID recognize the need for increased social integrated and community based interaction, which is exactly what a Team Friends® event provides.  

Team Friends® will help develop and support the Head Coach chosen by the Human Service Agency.  The Head Coach will plan the activity, set date, time, cost, communicate by email or phone with those attending prior to event, and be a part of the event from start to finish.  Your agency communicates with your families, Habitation Aides and clients about each month’s event by emailing flyers, or through your customary means of communicating with families and Habitation Aides.  Clients that are fully ambulatory is essential, as event planning may not always have handicap access available.

Team Friends® events are not intended to raise money, normally costing between $15.00 and $30.00 for each the client and Habitation Aide.

Team Friends® is a 501 (c) (3) so each Chapter may receive donations to be used for providing sponsored opportunities for their local Chapter. 

Team Friends                                         Prepared to Meet the Need

Market Analysis and Intellectual Property


Market Analysis
In 2016 it was estimated that in the United States and Canada there were 36,872,540 adults with intellectual disabilities over the age of eighteen.  The future number of persons needing Team Friends® is staggering as it is estimated that 1 out of every 68 children are born with autism, 1 in every 700 born with Down syndrome, and 1 in every 6 children with a developmental disability.  Funding provided in general to adults with ID is always at risk at being reduced by individual states and the Federal Government.






Intellectual Property is in place to secure the Team Friends® vision and brand

  • Federally Issued Trademark – Secures exclusive use of the name Team Friends® with charitable services of adults with special needs.
  • 501 (c) (3) – Team Friends® is a Federally recognized public non-profit with issued 501 (c) (3) non-profit status.
  • Federally Issued Service Mark – Secures exclusive use of Team Friends® brand in clothing and apparel.  
  • Federally Issued Copyright – Secures exclusive use of Team Friends® logo and motto.
  • Corporate Entity – Team Friends® is Federally recognized corporation with issued EIN number.
  • Domain name – Ownership of domain name, teamfriends.org

The Intellectual Property allows great depth to the elements that further create the feeling of belonging, As in any sport, the uniform, is exclusive to that team and further creates their identity.  Team Friends® has their exclusive look and identity as well, displayed through merchandise exclusively available to them.   

  • Team Friends® T-Shirts
  • Team Friends® Tank Tops
  • Team Friends® Hoodies
  • Team Friends® Sweatshirts 
  • Team Friends® Bracelets
  • Team Friends® Necklaces
  • Team Friends® Ear Rings